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Women and Fishing -- Not Just A Man's Sport

More and more women are learning to enjoy fishing each and every day. And, why not? Fishing is a sport that doesnt require exceptional strength, stamina or height quite the contrary, fishing is a sport of agility, finesse and patience, skills many women already possess. So why dont more women fish?

Successful fishing requires knowledge of various types of fishing gear, tackle, and an understanding of the quarry. Fish have a variety of feeding habits, behavioral patterns, etc. and these characteristics influence how to go about fishing for them.

Traditionally, men learned how to fish when they were boys from fathers and grandfathers. Even if this training was lacking, its no big deal for a guy to hang out with other guys who enjoy fishing and learn the ropes from them.

For a woman, though, the process is apt to be somewhat more difficult. In my family of all girls, we learned the thrill of fishing as children from our father. Fortunately for us, our dad was an equal-opportunity fisherman...and he was a very patient man.

We learned to bait our own hooks, remove fish from the line, and clean the fish as well. We were rewarded with many an enjoyable Sunday on the lake competing for top family fishing honors of who caught the most and the biggest fish.

For women who werent brought up fishing as I was, all is certainly not lost. Although learning from a boyfriend or spouse is not out of the question, a significant other may not be the best place to get your first fishing pointers.

Your honey may not have the patience that you will need to learn proper fishing technique and he may be a bit condescending as wellnot exactly conducive to an enjoyable learning experience.

Try instead local womens fishing clubs. Check online for groups in your area that are specifically organized by and for women. Many groups are primarily centered on fly-fishing but not all are.

Also see if your community college or local university offers any fishing courses. Often fishing classes are offered in the adult education, physical education or recreation departments.

Of course, you can also start at your local library, checking out books on fishing and learning a few basic techniques that way.

Your local fishing outfitter or marina may have more information as well and would also be a good place for information and to network with other fishing women.

Another option is to go online and search for websites catering to women and the outdoors or, more specifically, women and fishing. One such website is www.ladiesletsgofishing.

Founded by Betty Bauman of Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 1997, LLGF promotes networking among women anglers and emphasizes mentorship between novice and experienced members.

Other groups, both national and state, promote fishing for women. There are seminars, fishing adventures and special fishing events scheduled year-round in many areas of the country which are organized especially for women anglers.

Yet another reason fishing is a great hobby for women is because beginning your fishing experiences need not be prohibitively expensive. Especially when compared to other hobbies, start-up costs for spin or bait-casting fishing equipment are not tremendously high. Generally speaking, $200 or less can buy more than enough basic quality fishing gear for a beginner to get started. To start up a fly-fishing hobby will cost a bit more as the gear tends to be more expensive.

This, of course, doesnt include a boat! But, many fishing locations can be reached without a boat. Again, do your research to find areas accessible by car.

More women should consider fishing for an enjoyable and challenging hobby. Learning the basics of fishing is easy but perfecting those angling skills can take many hours of sometimes peaceful and sometimes extremely exciting time at the other end of a line.

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I will say this a good number of the huge Channel cats shown on the IN-FISHERMAN video tapes are from the Red River area of Lockport Manitoba. One of the tapes includes Stu McKay the owner of "Cats On The Red." He is also a fishing guide and has lodge rooms and boats for rent. He will treat you right in all his dealings. I strongly believe that stretch of river holds the largest concentration of huge Channel cats in North America.

Lockport is about 20 miles north of the Winnipeg airport. It takes on about 30 minutes in a car you can rent at the airport. The highway is expressway for about 10 mile and a good 2 lane highway until the last mile. Then it become more of a residential street to Stu's place.

Buy the Conservation license for it is about half the regular license. That is a catch and release of all catfish caught. So by all means take your camera to take photos of these cats as proof. Your pals back home will not believe your stories without the pictures.

You have to use BARBEDLESS hooks up there and can only fish 1 pole at a time. Take plenty of hooks 2/0 - 4/0, flat sinkers 2-3 oz. Take some Styrofoam or cork slip bobbers. Plastic bobber can crack on the rocks in the shallow area by the dam. I learned that lesson the hard way on one of my trips. 20-30lb test line should do the job. A rod with some backbone to help hold the fish in the strong current.

The best bait up there is cut Goldeye. The problem is you have to catch them yourself. They CAN NOT be bought at any bait store for it is use for food up there. They can be caught like skipjacks a jig or curly tail or piece of night crawler with a bobber. There is a limit of 10 per day allowed. That should
provide you with plenty of bait for the day.

Shrimp comes in a good 2nd choice. It is on the expensive side and is cheaper when purchased at the supermarket in Selkirk. Selkirk is a small town about 4 mile north of Stu's place. You can load up on supplies of food and whatever drinks you need in Selkirk as well.
I August a great bait is leopard frogs. They can be caught along t the brush area on the EAST bank of the river in the evening. You have to hold onto your pole when using them for the cats just smash them. It is the cats gets the bait or you hook the fish, there is no little tapping on the line. You can put a small section of plastic worm over the frog's hooked leg to help keep the frog on the hook.

The river is shallow by the dam to about 1 mile north of Stu's place. The deepest spot is only ft. in that area. That is really the main reason you can land those big cats, for they cannot go deep at all. The current is very strong. It really can wear your arms out trying to bring in a 20lb cat with such a strong current. I suggest taking some Bengay rub and aspirin to relieve the sore muscles you will get from fighting those cats. Stu's boat seats if he has any left are not great for support of the back either.

If you are going to be up there more than 3 days I suggest fishing at a steady pace. Fish from around sun rise till around noon. Rest up till around 4p.m. Go back out and fish till dark. Stu's boats do not have running lights so they have to be back at the dock by dark.
If you want you can fish a night from the bank and catch cats. My brother and I caught some right in front of out lodge rooms one night. The boat dock is right by the channel so is a spot to check out. My brother caught his largest cat off the dock a 28 pounder!

I hope this has been of some help to anyone thinking about experiencing hooking into the largest Channel catfish of their life. For more information contact Stu McKay at "Cats on the Red." Fishing season opens around May 20th.

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CINCINNATI CATFISHING www.cincinnaticatfishing & SHOP
WITHOUT DROPPING www.cincinnaticatfishing/Shop1.html

Have been catfishing around the Downtown Cincinnati area of the Ohio River for over 40 years. Have gone catfishing to Lockport 5 times over the past 10 years. It is the greastest place to catch lots of huge channel catsfish in North America!!

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