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freshwater tropical fish have always fascinated me. This is the initiative I needed in getting this article written on freshwater tropical fish, to let this fascination fascinate others.

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Tips for Anglers: Sport Fishing

While anglers do eat some of their catch, Sport fishing is not done primarily for food. Sport fishing's primary reward is in the thrill of catching the fish, and often fish caught are tagged and released back to the water. Sport fishing is done with hook, rod and reel, though methods vary depending on what type of fish are being hunted. Competitive sport fishing often does not allow all the fish to be kept, so many anglers who practice sport fishing do not keep all of their catch.

For the most part, any fish that are kept through sport fishing are kept as trophies. Trophy fish that are the most highly prized are rare species and very large species of fish. Such fish are often mounted and displayed. Sport fishing competitions are gaining in popularity, and more and more anglers are gaining interest in the sport. In competition, extra points are awarded to anglers who use thinner, weaker lines to haul in their prey. Thinner lines add an extra degree of difficulty to sport fishing, though for beginners it's best to start with stronger lines and work your way slowly toward thin, weak lines. Light tackle is used in sport fishing, making casts fly far and wide.

A lot of sport fishing is done in fresh waters, especially in the US and Canada. Freshwater fish hunted by sport fishing anglers include walleye, sturgeon, pike, salmon, and trout. Artificial spinners and flies are great for catching trout in freshwater lakes and streams, for anglers who prefer not to use live bait. For those who would rather use live bait, anglers prefer worms and grasshoppers when fishing lakes and streams for trout.

Beginning anglers shouldn't tackle a sport fishing competition right away. Hunting large prey is an acquired skill, and beginners shouldn't start casting their lines in competition if sport fishing for the first or second time. No angler should enter the world of competitive sport fishing unless they're used to fishing with thin, weak lines and bringing in large fish. Competition adds an extra level of difficulty and excitement, and speed can be a factor in large sport fishing competitions. An angler who is not completely comfortable and experienced with sport fishing should not attempt to compete.

There are many ways that a beginning angler can learn the art of sport fishing, however. Many local freshwater fishing areas host courses for beginning anglers who wish to learn more about sport fishing, and very often experienced anglers are more than happy to coach beginning anglers and offer tips and advice.

Many anglers who have tried their hand at sport fishing have found a great love for hunting the large prey that haunt the waters. For those who find sport fishing very enjoyable, competitive sport fishing can be very thrilling and fun once a certain degree of skill has been learned.

Since sport fishing can be done from land or boat, beginning anglers should use whatever method suits them best. Anglers who are more comfortable on land should fish by land, gaining some skill and experience in this medium before going out on a boat. No angler should ever go out alone, and a fishing buddy should be with you no matter your level of experience. Beginners should take a more experienced angler to the waters with them, especially when sport fishing is the aim. Bringing in large prey is not an easy task, and sometimes you'll need an extra pair of hands, especially when still in the learning stages. To truly learn sport fishing, you must go out and catch some fish. The best thing to do is take a friend or two, gather up your gear, and head to the nearest body of freshwater.

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Chris Bell has been in the computer industry for 12 years. He has created the site http://www.rhodeislandfishingcharters.com to provide a free place for all RI charters to be on the internet. He has designed and built networks, servers, websites, Desktops PC's and the like. Fishing was a hobby and after 10.........

A synopsis on freshwater tropical fish .
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The Earth is Enough: Growing Up in a Wrold of Fly Fishing, Trout, and Old Men by Harry Middleton

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freshwater tropical fish Products we recommend
PRO-KNOT Fishing Knots Saltwater Edition

PRO-KNOT Fishing Knots Saltwater Edition
The best knots to cover every saltwater fishing situation. The easy to read drawings are printed on waterproof plastic cards and are perfect for boat or tackle box. Includes the best knots to use with lines of all materials - fluorocarbon, braided and monofilament. Make reliable terminal tackle connections, leader to line, line to line and loop knots. Knots illustrated are: Improved Clinch Knot, Palomar Knot, Seaguar Knot (floro to mono knot), Bimini Twist, Offshore Swivel Knot, Albright Special, Uni Knot, Surgeon's Knot, Double Uni Knot, Surgeon's End Loop, San Diego Knot (braided, floro or mono knot), Dropper Loop, Rapala Knot.

Sugar and Grits: Mississippi Mud/Not on the Menu/Gone Fishing/Falling for You

Sugar and Grits: Mississippi Mud/Not on the Menu/Gone Fishing/Falling for You
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Flyfisher's Guide to Virginia: Including West Virginia's Best Fly Fishing Waters (Flyfishers Guide) (Flyfishers Guide)

Flyfisher's Guide to Virginia: Including West Virginia's Best Fly Fishing Waters (Flyfishers Guide) (Flyfishers Guide)
This is the most comprehensive book to be printed on flyfishing in both Virginia and the best waters of West Virginia. This book covers lakes, streams, creeks, rivers and creeks. Includes detailed maps and hatch charts along with all of the essential travel information for traveling through the Virginia's to fish these fine waters.

Some of the rivers covered are the Potomac (North and South branches), the Shenandoah, the New River, the Blackwater and many others. Some of the Lakes and rivers covered are the Switzer, Elkhorn, Manassas, Harrison and many others. Extensive coverage is given to the Shenandoah National Park Streams. Species covered are: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Carp, Fallfish, Sunfish, Crappie, Catfish, Rock Bass, Roanoke Bass, Pickerel and Musky. Over 88 detailed river maps and numerous hatch charts.

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