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We had started out on this mission of information on seward fishing with lots of optimism. And we have also ended it in the same manner.

A Featured seward fishing Article
Salmon Fishing Tip: Make Your Own Salmon Bait

There are times when you just can?t find any suitable bait for salmon fishing. I?ve looked at some of the dried vacuum packed salmon eggs at sporting goods stores but frankly I think you may just be wasting your money trying to catch a salmon using that so called bait.

The following is a recipe for tuna balls that really makes good salmon bait. I?ve caught fall salmon using tuna balls fished below bobbers in tidewaters. Also up river after fishing a hole for 15 to 20 minutes, I have switched to tuna balls and had a guys in my boat catch salmon using them back bouncing. They work and here is how you can make them:

Tuna Balls for Salmon fishing
You will need:

1. Premium Canned Tuna in oil ? one can

2. Some old salmon eggs that have been in the freezer for a couple of years,

3. Mike?s Glo Scent Oil ? Shrimp.

4. Small Puffballs ? pink.

5. Raspberry Jello ? one pkg.

6. Wedding vale ? pink or red

7. Wonder Thread or 6 lb. Mono also works

In large bowl:
1. Drain off Tuna oil and save in separate container.

2. Mix in the Jello with the Tune to desired color.

3. Finely chop up roe and combine with tuna and jello, leave some eggs intact.

4. Add small hand-full of the puff balls, mix,

5. One half bottle of Mike?s Shrimp Oil, mix (use rubber gloves to prevent divorce)

6. Cut the wedding vale into 4? squares.

7. Spoon out enough mixture onto the 4? squares to make a ball about the size of a quarter, hold the corners of the wedding vale and use the thread to make a tight ball of mixture. Tie tightly and cut off excess wedding vale and place in a clean jar and add tune oil and allow to site overnight. FISH ON !

8. Send this recipe to one or more of your fishing buddies who uses old dried out roe.

Note: this message will self-destruct in 60 seconds, Good Luck and Good Fishing.

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Fishing Forum: The Fishing Connection That Enlightens Pros And The Novice

Why do fishermen catch fish and I come home empty handed? What do the fishing guides do to help insure success for a paying client? Fishing a new location while on vacation can be very difficult. Locations, baits, and gear are number one questions. Time of year affects fishing success. These questions are but a few answered at the fisherman?s second most favorite fishing destination?

Capt. Fisherall has made his weekly announcements on the fishing forum with little to no complaints. His reports always give the daily fishing conditions, including the fish caught and the bait and tackle used. Although he doesn?t give away his favorite GPS fishing locations, a fisherman could emulate his prescription and expect moderate success. Capt. Fisherall usually spices his electronic exchange up with a good ole fishing story and ends with an invitation to ?Come fish on the USS We Use Tourist For Bait?. The fishing forum Webmaster doesn?t see any harm done, and Capt. Fisherall is welcomed and expected each week. Some newbie forum users chastise the exploitation of their chat sanctum while the Pros cheer him on and take notes furiously.

A totally new visitor pops a question ?Can anyone tell me how to catch trout?? Well the forum has its? seasoned granddads and smart-alecks who gently guide this fishing prospect through the paces of landing his first fish. The fishing forum has a general store atmosphere where the fire is warm all winter and the chin chatter is thin while the fisherman plies his art.

A new carp bait recipe has surfaced and a bass boat and trailer needs a new home, desperately.

Another fishing video is for sale.

Check out the wintertime catfish fishing techniques on Cedar Lake.

The third week of May the lake is ?turning over? and the sand bass are literally jumping into the boat chasing shad!

Coho are showing up just a mile off Noyes Island.

If the subject is of interest to fishermen it is listed on the fishing forum. The mix is: fishing reports, classifieds, bulletin board, how to tutors, and a camaraderie that is what makes fishermen around the world immune the language barriers.

The fishing forum has its? regulars like Capt. Fisherall, fishing professionals, novices and granddads all with a mindset to learn as much as they teach. The best unbiased fishing gear reviews are recorded without fanfare or solicitation on the fishing forum. New ways to tie knots and different types of fishing line together are shared without more than a ?thank you.?

The fishing family gathered at the fishing forum are well known to each other by their hand chosen ?handles?. Capt. Fisherall could actually be Capt. Jerry, and the USS Dancer is probably the real name of the USS We Use Tourist For Bait, or not?

The fishing forum buddies may not ever meet on the same streambed or pass each other on the starboard side, but on a regular basis they hail each other on their second most favorite fishing spot, ? the fishing forum!

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