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Fishing Boat Setup- How Can I Improve My Setup?

One of the worst things when it comes to day fishing would have to be having a poor fishing boat setup. Ensuring that your fishing boat is well equipped to handle a day on the lake or ocean is imperative to success and even safety. When it comes to a fishing boat setup, much of the fine details come in the way of convenience and accessibility. Having the appropriate electronic devices such as fish finders and GPS can indeed make all the difference in the world when it comes to a good day of fishing.

With sensible applications such as live wells, rod locks, and navigation equipment a boat will easily be prepared to meet the rigors of a long day on the lake. Ensuring that your fishing boat setup includes flares, life jackets, and emergency response transmitters only facilitates the sensible boating needs. With the addition of such fine luxuries as fridges, cooking equipment, radios, and or Televisions you ensure that you are not left in boredom when the fish just are not biting at any given moment.

When it comes to fishing boat setups and storage, one only need ask themselves, just how much equipment and people am I planning on carrying on this vessel? This question will follow with sensible storage needs, as there are many pieces of fishing gear for each angler aboard. This does not in any way answer the question fully as there are many other articles that could be found or stored in a fishing boat. Often times people will include fresh dry clothing in their storage compartments, for those little mishaps that always seem to happen when you least expect. All of this can be chalked up to good fishing boat setup.

Depending on the size of the vessel will primarily determine what type of fishing boat setup you will be able to have. For obvious reason a smaller vessel will be able to carry small loads and will no doubt have less storage than a bigger vessel. When you have a smaller boat it seems that proper fishing boat setup becomes far more apparent as there is a limited capacity and acceptance for passengers, their goods, and the storage allowable will quickly decrease in size should you not plan ahead and make accommodation. Look to ensure that your fishing boat setup is appropriate for the type of fishing you plan on doing and that you have a clear decision on what would be most beneficial to the day on the lake.

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Renzetti Presentation 2000 Clamp Model P2002

Having the proper tools when tying flies is critical in not only being efficient, but in producing quality flies in a timely manner. The vise would stand out as probably the most important tool in this regard. The Renzetti Presentation 2000 Clamp vise ranks as one of the top fly tying vises available today. Renzetti has long been a name synonymous for quality and innovation when it comes to fly tying and the Model P2004 is one of their hallmark vises. Spending a little more money to get a quality vise that will greatly aid you in producing flies at a quick turn pace will be a lifetime investment well made.

Price: 279.95

Smith Guides Choice

There are certain components of a fly fisherman’s gear that are critical must have items and a good pair of polarized sun glasses is just such an item. Quality is a must here and the Smith Guides Choice Polarized Sunglasses are a quality investment that if well cared for will give you a lifetime of flyfishing enjoyment. Not only as eye protection from the suns harmful rays, but to enable the fisherman to see his fly, and more importantly the fish a good pair of polarized glasses will in fact make a very big difference in your success on the water. Smith is a long standing name when it comes to optics and the Smith Guides Choice Polarized Sunglasses have a very high-contrast, photochromic lens with a "yellowish" tint that enhances depth perception and gathers available light in lower-light conditions. Optimum performance is in medium-to-low light conditions make these sunglasses a great choice. The recognized standard for polarized performance and protection, the Crystal Series matches eight optical-quality glass lenses with a variety of all-day frames made to fit any face. The clear choice of guides worldwide, our Crystal Series with Techlite polarized lenses make no compromises in the quest to be the best polarized sunglasses available. Photochromic (PC) lenses are available in some select lens colors. The PC lens changes tints according to how dark or bright it is outside, allowing you to see better as light conditions change. Smith Optics use Techlite Lens ; Glass is #1 for optical clarity & scratch resistance. Give it a specialty TLT grind to reduce the weight and you've got yourself the world's lightest Techlite glass lens. Chemically treated to increase shatter resistance. ANSI Z80.3 surpassing impact resistance and prismatic power. 100% UVA/B/C. Perfect for low impact hyperactivities and loitering with intent. Visible Light Transmission (VLT) is the percentage of available light allowed to reach the eye. Different lens tints offer specific VLT to enhance vision in different light conditions. Product Details Fit: Large Frame: TR-90 Grilamid Nose Pads: Hydrophilic Megol Lens: TLT 8 Base Techlite Lens Lens Coating: Anti-Reflective and Hydrophobic Interchangeable Lenses: No Polarized: Yes Warranty: Lifetime Warranty Shipping: Free! Smith Guides Choice Lens Options • VLT 13-20% • medium to bright conditions Photochromic Copper Mirror Our copper tint combined with subtle Silver flash Mirror coating creates a performance based, esthetically appealing lens. Medium contrast while very comfortable and pleasant on the eyes. Optimum performance is in medium to bright conditions. • VLT 13-23% • medium to bright conditions Photochromic Copper *Best Seller* An exceptional general purpose photochromic lens. Copper provides medium contrast with increased definition and is very comfortable and pleasant on the eyes. Optimum performance is in medium to bright conditions. • VLT 18-28% • medium to bright conditions Photochromic Brown A lighter density brown photochromic lens which will transmit ample light during lower light conditions and darken with increasing brightness. This lens performs well for users seeking a lighter density all around lens with medium contrast. Optimum performance is in medium to bright conditions. • VLT 14% • medium to bright conditions Brown An excellent all around constant density lens. With a hint of yellow in medium-dark brown lens, it provides a great combination of contrast and true color transmission. Optimum performance is in medium to bright conditions. • VLT 9% • medium to bright conditions Photochromic Gray *Special Order - Returns require a 25% restocking fee* A constant density dark, natural gray lens combined with our attractive Blue Mirror treatment. It preserves natural hues and color relationships. This lens is the preference for anglers and boaters on open oceans worldwide. Optimum performance is in medium to bright conditions. • VLT 21-31% • medium to bright conditions Photochromic Yellow *Special Order - Returns require a 25% restocking fee* A higher contrast photochromic lens. the "yellowish" tint enhances depth perceprion and helps gather available light in lower light conditions. Optimum performance is in medium to bright conditions. • VLT 14% • medium to bright conditions Blue Mirror *Special Order - Returns require a 25% restocking fee* A constant density medium-dark gray lens. This lens provides the truest of color transmissions with no contrast. Excellent for driving and blue water applications. Optimum performance is in medium to bright conditions. TLT Lenses: What are they? When you curve a lens it can bend the light passing through it and distort what you see. Tappered Lens Technology (TLT) contours the thickness of the lens so that light travels through without distortion. What you see is what you get? With TLT Without TLT UV Protection Linked to eye diseases, cataracts, and temporary conditions such as "snowblindness," Ultraviolet Radiation (UVA/B/C) is magnified by snow-covered surfaces. All Smith lens tints protect your eyes from 100% of these harmful forms of solar radiation.

Price: 149.00

Fly Fishing in Saltwater: 3rd Revised Edition by Lefty Kreh

Twenty years ago, “Fly Fishing In Salt Water” pioneered this new territory for fly fishers. Now, with over 12,000 copies sold, this fully updated, revised and expanded edition with new chapters on Knots and Leaders, Flies, Tackle, Inshore Fly Fishing and Boats, Kreh has brought his classic work absolutely up-to-date. With 100 Illustrations Black and White Photos 7x10 inches 352 pages

Price: 19.95

Frogs Fanny Dry Fly Powder

Frogs Fanny Powder Dry Fly Floatant is a must have, this will recondition a soaked or slime covered dry fly like it was new. It comes with a fine brush attached to the lid which allows precision application. Brush this on the wing of any tent winged fly like a stimulator, and you will never have problems with your fly floating on its side again. Because you apply FROGS FANNY with a brush, you can protect the most delicate dry fly wings. CDC flies come back to life when you use this powder on them. Try coating nymphs with FROGS FANNY to give a realistic gas bubble effect and a edge on your local water. This works as a refill for other powder/desiccant floatants like Shimazaki.

Price: 4.49

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Fishing Yellowstone Waters

Fishing Yellowstone Waters

Full of fishing tips and natural history.


For Both Saltwater & Freshwater Fishing. Detailed instructions, step-by-step procedures & visual close-ups make it simple for you to learn how to tie the most complex of knots. This program covers 16 fishing knots that once mastered will allow you to handle any fishing situation for any species of fish. Covers: Improved clinch, Palomar knot, Spider hitch, Offshore swivel knot, Uni-knot to terminal tackle, Uni-Knot loop connection, Surgeon's end loop, Dropper loop, Bimini twist, Jansik special, Blood knot, Surgeon's knot & more.

Fishing the upper Mississippi

Fishing the upper Mississippi

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Four players earn first-team honors

Sun, 22 Jun 2008 16:51:58 GMT
A host of local baseball standouts raked in more honors this week with the announcement of the 2008 all-Ohio baseball selections.

Deseret News (Salt Lake City) - Badge found in a lake decades after its loss

Sat, 28 Jul 2007 07:00:00 GMT
July 28, 2007 -- SAUGATUCK, Mich. (AP) -- More than 30 years after falling into Lake Michigan, a badge belonging to a former sheriff's deputy is back with its...

Pick your favorites of state quarters’ - Part II - Numismatic News

Mon, 23 Jun 2008 18:04:26 GMT

Pick your favorites of state quarters’ - Part II
Numismatic News - 12 hours ago
Minnesota’s quarter shows two people fishing in a motorboat on a lake with pine trees on a shoreline in the background. A loon is seen swimming in the ...

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