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A salt water fish tanks Artilce for Your Viewing
New York Fishing

It might be known as "The Big A[pple", but it could just as easily be called "The Anglers Friend" because of all the fishing opportunities that the state of New York has to offer. New York is a large state and there's plenty of room for not only freshwater, but also saltwater fishing. The state of New York also has decent runs of great lake running steelhead and salmon (that's right, steelhead and salmon don't have to run to the ocean. The great lakes work fine as well). All types of fishing are available in New York, for everyone from a beginning to the professional angler.

Whether you enjoy salmon fishing on Lake Ontario, fly fishing for steelhead on the Salmon River, or deep sea fishing from Montauk for mako-shark, the fishing in New York offers something for almost everyone, and many people overlook it. New York charter boats are available for freshwater fishing on Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, or Lake Champlain for salmon, steelhead, lake trout, walleye, as well as other fish. There are also many charter boats that are available for phenomenal saltwater fishing on Long Island from locations such as Freeport, Orient Point, and Montauk. The point is that if you are an angler, New York has plenty of fish for you.

New York is such a large state with so many bodies of water that fishing rules can become quite tricky. Make sure you check the regulations on whatever body of water that you're planning on fishing. One thing is for sure, the use of worms is perfectly legal, and it's always a good idea to have an efficient way to carry your worms. The days of carrying around those bulky Styrofoam containers are gone, and you may want to look into getting a bait bag to carry your worms while fishing in the great state of New York. You can either make one yourself or get one from JRWfishing; the point is that you should have one.

If you're a resident of New York a fishing license is going to cost you from $20 to $75, depending on what you're fishing for and what you want to do. Again, these rules can get a bit confusing. If you're a non-resident a license will run you around $40. New York also has lifetime licenses available for those of you who aren't leaving the state. Lifetime licenses are from $60 to $350 dollars, depending on your age.

The bottom line is that no matter what species of fish you're looking for and no matter what method you use for catching those fish, the great state of New York has something for you. The state has so much to offer the average angler; they may never have to fish anywhere else. They call New York the center of the world; well it could be considered the center of the fishing world as well. If you like the sport of fishing, the great state of New York is most certainly worth investigating.

Trevor Kugler is co-founder of JRWfishing and an avid angler. He has more than 20 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and 15 years of business and internet experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country?..Montana!

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Need to purchase a new fishing rod?

A true mark of the fisherman is his fishing rod. There are many types available, many to choose from. But, choosing the fancy colored one isn't going to help you get the fish you are hoping to catch. Yes, it might be eye catching, yet if it is not the proper fishing pole, it isn't going to hook a single fish for you!

Fishing poles or fishing rods are easy to find. You may find that a local fishing store or even sporting goods store will offer the type of fishing rod you are looking for. Some will look to purchase a customer fishing rod. That choice is yours, of course, but research what you need and want, along with the expenses involved.

Fly fishing will require a strong fishing rod or fishing pole. You will need to strength behind it to fight the currents and the snap when casting. When looking at fishing rods, consider the reels as well. They need to be strong, smooth, and sensitive to the friction it will undoubtedly receive. When purchase these, it is wise to compare several name brands. Notice their specifications and then choose based on what is available and what you feel meets your needs. Choosing the most expensive name brand you can find, will not necessary be the best choice.

Another great option available is purchasing your equipment online. Simply going to the store will not give you any advice besides what the sales clerk knows. Maybe he is an experienced fisherman and can give you all the direction you need. Chances are, you will not meet someone who knows enough to help you though. Just try to enter your local sporting goods store and ask that teenage salesperson what types of freshwater fishing he has done. But, shopping online may provide to be a wonderful option. Not only do you have the ability to shop anytime and in your p.j.'s if you choose, but you can also gain the knowledge of true freshwater fishing enthusiasts. Websites offer advice and opinions, and some offer customer feedback as well. There are many sites that specialize in each area of fishing. Just reading the information on these sites will give the reader an immense amount of information.

About the author:

Mike Yeager

Choosing Bass Fishing Lures That Make The Cut

If you have looked for the perfect bass fishing lure lately you have most likely discovered that there are thousands of colors and designs available. With so many bass fishing lures on the market how can you decide which one is best for you? This article will help you clear the fog and put you on the fish with the best bass fishing lures.

What Time Of Year Is It?

Before you decide on the right bass fishing lures for your tackle box you need to think about the season in which you are going to be fishing. In the spring time you will want to think about the bass that are starting to spawn. Spawning bass are very protective of their environment. When bass spawn they tend to react to bass fishing lures that appear as a danger to their beds. Lizards are always a good choice at this time of the season.

What Color Is Your Fishing Gear

There are so many colors on the market it is unbelievable. The truth is there are only a handful of colors that you need to be concerned about. Black, red, green, and blue are the most desirable colors for bass fishing. If those are the only colors you choose you will have it covered. Black and blue jigs are one of the most popular bass fishing lures on the market. There are many manufactures of jigs, and trying to select one is really a personal decision.

Is There One Bass Fishing Lure That Is Better Than Most?

The short answer is no, but there are some tried and true bass fishing lures that have the best chance for catching bass. If you can only afford a few bass fishing lures to put in the tackle box it would be wise to choose the following lures.

You should put at least one chartreuse and white spinner bait in the box for flipping along the logs and other structure in the early morning into mid morning. The second bass fishing lure should be a bag of plastic 6 inch worms in black or green pumpkin. The third lure should be a black and blue jig in ? oz and ? oz. These are just a few good suggestions that should have you catching bass in no time.

If you need more helpful Bass Fishing Tips then quickly head over to midoregonbass where you will find helpful bass fishing tips, advice and resources including information on bass fishing lures.

Short Review on salt water fish tanks
Smith Proof

Combining easy-going wearability with superior polarized performance, the Smith Proof is designed to be worn every day, all day long. The right choice for active endeavors, the diverse all-polarized Carbonic Series is built for speed and style. Based on a foundation of shatter resistant Carbonic lenses, this series is available in full selection of tint and frame styles. Photochromic (PC) lenses are available in some select lens colors. The PC lens changes tints according to how dark or bright it is outside, allowing you to see better as light conditions change. Smith Optics use Techlite Lens ; Glass is #1 for optical clarity & scratch resistance. Give it a specialty TLT grind to reduce the weight and you've got yourself the world's lightest Techlite glass lens. Chemically treated to increase shatter resistance. ANSI Z80.3 surpassing impact resistance and prismatic power. 100% UVA/B/C. Perfect for low impact hyperactivities and loitering with intent. Visible Light Transmission (VLT) is the percentage of available light allowed to reach the eye. Different lens tints offer specific VLT to enhance vision in different light conditions. Product Details Fit: Medium / Large Frame: TR-90 Grilamid Lens: TLT 8 Base Carbonic Interchangeable Lenses: No Polarized: Yes Warranty: Lifetime Warranty Shipping: Free! Smith Proof Lens Options • VLT 12% • medium to bright conditions Copper A medium to dark copper lens which allows relatively true color transmission with moderate contrast. Comfortable and pleasant on the eyes. • VLT 12% • low to medium bright conditions Brown A medium to dark brown lens providing the best combination of true color transmission and medium contrast. • VLT 12% • medium to bright conditions Gray *Special Order - Returns require a 25% restocking fee* A medium to dark lens providing true color transmission and preserving natural hues. TLT Lenses: What are they? When you curve a lens it can bend the light passing through it and distort what you see. Tappered Lens Technology (TLT) contours the thickness of the lens so that light travels through without distortion. What you see is what you get? With TLT Without TLT UV Protection Linked to eye diseases, cataracts, and temporary conditions such as "snowblindness," Ultraviolet Radiation (UVA/B/C) is magnified by snow-covered surfaces. All Smith lens tints protect your eyes from 100% of these harmful forms of solar radiation.

Price: 109.00

Dr. Slick ECO Pin On Reel ERIBO

Dr. Slick ECO Pin On Reel

Price: 3.99

Fishpond Crooked Island Guide Pack

The Crooked Island Guide Pack is a great lumbar pack for big rivers, open flats, or tiny spring creeks. Sized to swallow everything but the kitchen sink. Features Can be worn in fanny pack or sling bag configuration Two generously sized main compartments Molded signature “zip-down” fly bench with replaceable foam Adjustable compression strap system for load control Jacquard accent webbing and tarpaulin tabs as gear keepers Molded fishpond “water and line-friendly” zipper pulls Integrated molded water bottle holder and bottle with our unique “Slide-In” water bottle design feature Padded airmesh back for comfort and moisture transfer Net loop on shoulder strap Carry handle with synthetic waterproof leather belly Fully lined nylon pack cloth interior Key fob Stretch mesh interior pocket in main compartment Four interior pockets/pouches, one secondary compartment Jacquard webbing loops on belt sides to attach pliers and tools Color : Bahama Blue/Sand Dimensions 11” x 7” x 8” • Fishpond products are backed by a Fishpond Guarantee • Free Shipping Fishpond is the fly-fishing industry's newest and most innovative accessory products company. We're small, but our products are already making more than a few ripples. By rethinking product design from the ground-up, we've created an impressive line up of fly-fishing storage products and accessories that look great, and outperform anything else available on the market. We started with a few simple ideas: design and create a tippet dispenser, develop an innovative cutting tool or clipper, and reshape the fly storage category with the creation of a series of soft-sided cases and chest packs. Our simple ideas turned into very complex design obstacles and challenged some of the best industrial designers in the country, yet we've succeeded with our vision and created a line of revolutionary accessory products that will stand the test of time. Fishpond is all about design and function . We are the first to bring a functional tippet dispenser to the market-one that stores, straightens, cuts and dispenses tippet material directly from most commercially manufactured freshwater tippet spools. Look for our saltwater version in the coming months. Tired of plastic and aluminum fly boxes? We've also created an entirely new product category with our molded nylon and soft-sided fly cases. With ease-of-use in mind, brightly colored jacquard webbing on the spine serves as a hand strap to securely hold the case while on the water. This gives our cases their signature style and unparalleled function. To keep us on the cutting edge, we're redefining the accessory segment with revolutionary products like our patented, ergonomically designed Titanium Clippers with optional integrated retractor that make competitive tools based on the traditional nail clipper obsolete. Our research has told us that fly-fishing enthusiasts want to lighten their load. In response to this trend, fishpond has created two new chest/fanny packs that can complement or replace the traditional fishing vest. Each product has our signature zip-down "fly bench" with a replaceable foam fly page that serves as a convenient fly changing station and work area. At fishpond, we're committed to staying on the leading edge of fly-fishing product design, and we're already hard at work on the next generation of new products to enhance our position as an emerging leader with our dealer-partners and customers. Fishpond is connected to the past and it's timeless traditions, but its focus is on making designs for the fly-fishing enthusiast that will endure the future. We're committed to our dealer-partners and consumers at every level, and want to earn your trust and support by offering quality service, delivery and creativity.

Price: 89.00

Mahogany, Dun, Comparadun

The Mahogany Dun Comparadun provides a great mix of lifelike silhouette, visibility, and buoyancy. Many fly fishing experts go straight to comparaduns when a mayfly hatch brings up actively rising trout. This fly pattern floats in all but the fastest and roughest stream currents and trout seem to prefer this fly to many of the traditional hackled patterns. Fly fishers around the world should consider this a staple fly where Mahogany mayflies are present.

Price: 1.25


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