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Fishing and Lead Capture - Part Three of Three

In parts one and two we overviewed fishing for leads, then went into detail on baiting, presenting and setting your hook on new leads for your business.

Of course, the purpose of your lead generation is to sell a product, service, or opportunity. That's your number one priority - to make contacts and turn them into customers.

You've gotta land that fish.

Now that you have set the hook with subscription confirmation and delivered the bait you promised on your lead capture page ...

How do you get him in without snapping the line?

Well, you have to get your emails read - or all the previous effort is wasted.

Consider the subject of each email as a headline. If it's not interesting enough to be opened you will probably lose your fish.

Keep your (head)line tight. Short and sweet, and usually presenting a benefit - a darn good reason to open the email.

If you don't keep the line tight he will throw the hook - and throw your email in the trash.

Some fish fight harder than others. Many potential customers are quite defensive. Why should they trust you? They don't even know you. To earn their trust, and to have the best chance of landing your fish, use high quality line - VALUE.

Give of yourself. Give of your time. Give something of value to earn the respect and trust of your subscriber - and don't allow any slack in your line.

You offered the right bait.
You set the hook with confirmation.
You keep your (head)line tight so they don't throw the hook (in the trash).
You use strong line by providing valuable information.

...and you keep reeling up the slack.

You use your email to guide your customer to the sales page - and ultimately to the sale.

You can't force it or something will break - the line (reads but no clicks), the hook (thrown in the trash) - something will go wrong and you will go hungry.

Guide, offer, help, inform, entice...

Closer and closer he gets until you finally grab the net. ...and the net profit.

Above all, treat your lead with respect. There is a person behind that email address.

Do you prefer a mailbox full of ads? ... or useful information and related links?

Do you prefer an honest review? ... or a hard sales pitch?

When you DO offer a product, service or opportunity ... offer something of value - not junk for easy money. Your reputation won't stand up to it.

Treat your lead, your subscriber, your new friend like a person. Give them a good reason to do business with YOU.

... and stop treating them like fish.

Ok, so maybe fishing and lead capture don't have THAT much in common after all.

Sorry. My bad.

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Russ Moore - writer/publisher/techie: is the pen
behind 'My EZ eBiz' - a report about what may be
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William Joseph Confluence

Never before have technology, comfort and performance come together so smoothly. The William Joseph Confluence has combined all those qualities to ensure that you get the most from your time on the water. As will all William Joseph packs the Confluence features the all new Willy J tippet control system, hydration capability, built in stainless steel retractoes and a work station big enough to park a couple fly boxes. With the all new Air Track Suspension system you might just find yourself getting down right 'chilly', so remember to take a jacket. Features Low profile, super strong grab handle and net loop Rear pack; large enough to hold all your gear. Small enough to keep you quick and agile Daisy chain lash straps for those weird loads Two additional organization pockets Hydration portion of the pack holds a 35 oz. bladder (not included) Perforated, seamless alpine style shoulder straps. Nearly perfect weight distribution and center of gravity Perforated/breathable AIRTRACK Suspension for maximum airflow Excess webbing slot. No more flapping straps. Wide and comfortable side straps for great weight transfer Product Details Rear Pack Capacity: 955 ci Front Pack Capacity: 395 ci Weight: 1lb 14oz Colors: Sage and Evergreen

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At Sage , every piece of angling equipment we make is designed, tested and hand built with one goal in mind: Maximum fishability . It's a term we came up with a few years back to describe the kind of performance that helps you cast better, fish more effectively and have more fun. In short, every Sage rod, reel and line is specifically designed to help you make the most of your precious time on the water. SAGE 3100 SERIES CLICK AND PAWL REELS Weight 2 3/4 oz Diameter 3 in Sage Fly Line Quiet DOuble Taper II DT-2-F Yards 50 Backing 12 lb Extra Spool $125 --> SAGE 3200 SERIES CLICK AND PAWL REELS Weight 3 1/8 oz Diameter 3 1/4 in Sage Fly Line Quiet DOuble Taper II DT-4-F Yards 110 Backing 12 lb Extra Spool $135

Price: 280.00

Fishpond San Juan Vertical Chest Pack

Minimalist with great new colors for 2006. The San Juan Vertical Chest Pack is for the angler who likes to travel light. You can eliminate all but the basics and feel comfortable you’ve still got everything you need. Features Low-profile vertical design Signature “zip-down” fly bench work area with replaceable foam Zippered main compartment for secure fly box storage Accent webbing and climbing cord loops for attaching tools and accessories Padded, breathable air mesh backing Zippered interior pocket Colors : Sand/Rusty Nail Cutthroat Orange/Carbon Bahama Blue/Carbon Dimensions 8.5” x 5” x 3.5” • Fishpond products are backed by a Fishpond Guarantee • Free Shipping Fishpond is the fly-fishing industry's newest and most innovative accessory products company. We're small, but our products are already making more than a few ripples. By rethinking product design from the ground-up, we've created an impressive line up of fly-fishing storage products and accessories that look great, and outperform anything else available on the market. We started with a few simple ideas: design and create a tippet dispenser, develop an innovative cutting tool or clipper, and reshape the fly storage category with the creation of a series of soft-sided cases and chest packs. Our simple ideas turned into very complex design obstacles and challenged some of the best industrial designers in the country, yet we've succeeded with our vision and created a line of revolutionary accessory products that will stand the test of time. Fishpond is all about design and function . We are the first to bring a functional tippet dispenser to the market-one that stores, straightens, cuts and dispenses tippet material directly from most commercially manufactured freshwater tippet spools. Look for our saltwater version in the coming months. Tired of plastic and aluminum fly boxes? We've also created an entirely new product category with our molded nylon and soft-sided fly cases. With ease-of-use in mind, brightly colored jacquard webbing on the spine serves as a hand strap to securely hold the case while on the water. This gives our cases their signature style and unparalleled function. To keep us on the cutting edge, we're redefining the accessory segment with revolutionary products like our patented, ergonomically designed Titanium Clippers with optional integrated retractor that make competitive tools based on the traditional nail clipper obsolete. Our research has told us that fly-fishing enthusiasts want to lighten their load. In response to this trend, fishpond has created two new chest/fanny packs that can complement or replace the traditional fishing vest. Each product has our signature zip-down "fly bench" with a replaceable foam fly page that serves as a convenient fly changing station and work area. At fishpond, we're committed to staying on the leading edge of fly-fishing product design, and we're already hard at work on the next generation of new products to enhance our position as an emerging leader with our dealer-partners and customers. Fishpond is connected to the past and it's timeless traditions, but its focus is on making designs for the fly-fishing enthusiast that will endure the future. We're committed to our dealer-partners and consumers at every level, and want to earn your trust and support by offering quality service, delivery and creativity.

Price: 49.00

At the Grave of The Unknown Fisherman

America’s favorite fly-fishing scribe delights anew with sage and witty observations on how to fit fishing into your life - or vice-versa. Gierach takes readers with him through the year, from his early spring forays out of his house after resisting the temptation to go ice-fishing, to the end of the season in his beloved Rocky Mountains, when the snows begin to pile up and getting to the river is all but impossible. Shrewd and observant, brilliantly capturing human nature as it expresses itself on trout waters. 5.5x8.5 inches 192 pages

Price: 13.00

fish 4 homes Products we recommend
Dead Angler (Loon Lake Fishing Mystery)

Dead Angler (Loon Lake Fishing Mystery)
A Brand-New Mystery Series...with a great "hook"

Loon Lake, Wisconsin's newly appointed Chief of Police, Lewellyn Ferris, is a tough-as-nails crime fighter and a fly fishing wonder. And when she reels in a dead body, she gets an opportunity to put all her talents to work....

"As exciting as fishing a tournament."--Norb Wallock, North American Walleye Angler's 1997 Angler of the Year

Bluegill Fly Fishing & Flies

Bluegill Fly Fishing & Flies

Hemingway on Fishing

Hemingway on Fishing
From childhood on, Ernest Hemingway was a passionate fisherman. He fished the lakes and creeks near the family's summer home at Walloon Lake, Michigan, and his first stories and reportages were often about his favorite sport. Here, collected for the first time in one volume, are all of his great writings about the many kinds of fishing he did -- from trout in the rivers of northern Michigan to marlin in the Gulf Stream.

In A Moveable Feast, Hemingway speaks of sitting in a café in Paris and writing about what he knew best -- and when it came time to stop, he "did not want to leave the river." The story was the unforgettable classic, "Big Two-Hearted River," and from its first words we do not want to leave the river either. He also wrote articles for the Toronto Star on fishing in Canada and Europe and, later, articles for Esquire about his growing passion for big-game fishing. His last books, The Old Man and the Sea and Islands in the Stream, celebrate his vast knowledge of the ocean and his affection for its great denizens.

Hemingway on Fishing is an encompassing, diverse, and fascinating collection. From the early Nick Adams stories and the memorable chapters on fishing the Irati River in The Sun Also Rises to such late novels as Islands in the Stream, this collection traces the evolution of a great writer's passion; the range of his interests; the sure use he made of fishing, transforming it into the stuff of great literature.

Anglers and lovers of great writing alike will welcome this important collection.

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