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When A Simple Fishing Hook Becomes Something Special

Everyone reading this article is aware of what a fishing hook is, right? Obviously, or you wouldn't be reading a fishing article. We all use fishing hooks to attempt to catch our quarry. When does a simple fishing hook become something special? When that simple fishing hook is transformed into a "gang hook", that's when.

So what the heck is a "gang hook" anyway? A "gang hook" is simply two hooks tied in tandem. Gang Hooks are primarily used in bait fishing. These hooks are the most natural way to present any worm that has ever been devised. With a little research, gang hooks are fairly easy to tie yourself, or you can go somewhere like JRWfishing and buy them. It doesn't really matter how you get them, all that matters is that you start to use them when you fish.

In most cases "gang hooks" are tied with much smaller hooks than you are probably accustomed to using. In the old days, anglers used to use a larger hook and try to 'thread ' a worm or worms onto said hook. This technique, of threading a worm or worms onto a hook, creates what has been called a "worm ball". A "worm ball" may be many things, but natural looking isn't one of them. Most of the gang hooks that I've seen are tied with either size 8 or 10 hooks, with 10 being the most popular. A worm baited on a set of size 10 gang hooks is as natural a presentation as you will ever see. The hooks are practically invisible.

And don't forget about using "gang hooks" for any dough bait that you might use (such as Powerbait and the like). In the case of dough baits these hooks enable the angler to present double the bait. You can have two chunks of bait floating off of a single line. Gang Hooks are very effective for dough bait fishing as well as live bait fishing.
This is precisely how a simple fish hook becomes something special??by making that simple fishing hook into a set of "gang hooks". Start using gang hooks and you will begin catching more fish, I guarantee it.

Trevor Kugler - Co-founder of JRWfishing and founder of yourmoneyconnection
Trevor has more than 20 years of fishing experience, and raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country....Montana.

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Bass Fishing the Reeds

When it comes to finding Bass I never, and I mean never pass up a good old reed bed. Reeds are Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass magnets! A good quality reed bed has me bursting with excitement especially when they are in 3 to 6 feet of water.

There are a few simple key issues to bear in mind when fishing the reeds. The most valuable one I have learned is the importance of a cast with good distance. I know you're probably thinking a good many fish could be lost because of the distance casts, but have you thought of the hook ratio compared to not fishing this way at all? We have to keep in mind that reed beds do not have much between the fish and you as far as cover goes. It makes sense that the farther away we are, the less sensitive the Bass are. The more natural their surrounding is the more prone they are to pursue their prime target; the bait!

Another key issue is the trajectory of the cast itself. A thick reed bed will not allow flipping or pitching because of its height above the surface of the water, normally in its full summer growth. The trajectory I like to achieve is high and long. Basically I aim for the sky! You can use any method you like for getting it up there, but the result will be the same. The bait falling from the sky will get in between the reeds better than a bait thrown horizontal.

I have fished countless hours in reeds and watched other anglers perform the normal casting routine. I would wonder how long or how many Bass hook ups it would take before they would finally ask, "I don't get it! We are using the same bait!" When I would mention the distance and falling from the ?sky' cast they were quickly convinced because of the hook ratio and now I was on the net! By all means!

Sparse reed growth is a very different scenario altogether. The traditional ways of catching Bass still produced, but I found the distance ?sky' casts would accomplish far more hook sets. We may wonder why this is but if you think about it the less dense the weed growth, the fewer sound waves it will absorb, so dense matted weed growth will absorb more sound making the Bass less weary. Therefore, when bait is put in the ?less dense' reed bed environment from a distance the Bass strike because they have nothing to fear.

If at first you don't get a hit, ?dead stick it', leave it there for just a few minutes just in case the Bass is thinking about it! After you are convinced there is nothing there, work it back slowly, letting the bait slide across and around the reeds. Do not horse it back or you will get hung up no doubt! It can be frustrating at times so rigging weed less is a definite must. Finessing a bait Texas with the hook embedded is the way to go in reed fishing

Bass fishing in the reeds can be rewarding! With this type of, you might say, ?unorthodox' method of fishing you might not get every Bass into the well, but the hook ratio itself is proof they are in there! And when you do get one to the boat, it's a dandy!

Born In Guelph, Ontario, Nic, his wife Lawney and their son Lorenzo now call Kitchener, Ontario their home. Nic feels very lucky having a family that supports him in all his fishing endeavors.

Even though Nic has thirty years of fishing experience, he still feels that you can never stop learning. His love for Bass fishing has brought him to the Pro Bass Tournament trail. In his first year going professional, Nic has two top ten finishes and was a Classic Qualifier in the C.S.F.L Bassmania Pro Bass circuit, placing eighteenth over all.

But Bass fishing is not Nic?s only love. In the Spring his passion turns to downrigging for salmon, where he competes in Salmon Derbies. Already, he has a first place win under his belt. And if that?s not enough to keep him busy, you can find him chasing Walleye, Pike, and even Muskie. You name it, Nic will fish for it. has fulfilled a life long dream for Nic. Not only because of his active tournament angling and multi species fishing, but because he gets to share t

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