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Fishing For Catfish

There are a few basic methods that are effective in catching catfish. Bear in mind that specific methods are applicable to specific kinds of waters. That is because techniques and baiting mixtures are formulated for specific targets.

The following methods are simple, yet proven successful when used:

1) Rigging method - Depending on the bait used, loop the bait holder or the treble hook from a line to a preferred distance to the end. Bait movement is not suggested; therefore, a weight must be used to allow the rig to be still. A good distance shall be about 18" to 24."

Same as the first method, using the Slipweight to make the bait stable is also effective. The weight does not matter as long as it can slide in the line. The fish will not feel any weight and it will be late until they realize that the bait is fake.

Multibait technique allows multiple catches at once. Simply place three-way swivel along the line. As it draws more strikes it makes a great choice for catching more catfish at the same time.

2) Bait - Experts opt for chicken livers or medium sized shrimp from groceries. The shrimp's tail and skin must be removed and body should be big enough to slide up in a number 6 hook. This is simpler than the chicken which necessitates the use of pantyhose. A diameter of a quarter is wrapped in a piece of pantyhose leaving a tag end then attach it through the treble hook. Blood worms, minnows, catfish paste, night crawlers, snails, living or dead small fish, and dough baits are also good choices of baits. Remember that the best baits are always those that nature produced.

3) Chumming - Fishermen catch more catfish with this method. This is simply throwing balls of mixtures of natural recipes in the fishing area. This attracts more catfish; the trick is that the mixture should be right enough for the catfish to feed heavily. The hook that will be used to fish normally must have the same recipe for the bait. Adding a good smelling flavor into the pasty mixture attracts catfish more.

4) Tackling - Although the technique involved in this method is by far effective, it's still the bait that attracts and brings the catfish in. As simple as it is, the tackle should be about 6 feet long with a spinning real. Choose heavier lines to allow more battle between the fisherman and the catfish. It doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. The experience you get from a cheaper tackle is no different from an expensive one.

Make sure the grip is secure hooks are removed by pliers after catching the fish. Avoid being stuck with the fins as some are poisonous. Just simply sliding the hand up to its belly from tail, placing the fingers behind one side and thumb behind the other can remove the catfish from the hook without any harm. Happy catfishing and good luck!

About the Author

Tony Newton has created a free catfishing tips guide that will help you improve your fishing. Download it now. secretfishingtips/freeguide.html

Put Away That Fishing Pole And Haul Out The Net

Are you still using a fishing pole to build your

Whenever someone talks about building a downline, we
automatically think in terms of Network Marketing. The
fact is, the same principles apply to two tier affiliate

The first rule to succeed with two tier programs or mlm
is to build wide fast.


If less than 5% of new marketers ever succeed, that
means 95% or more of those you sign up will join and not
do anything.

If you're sitting on the bank using a fishing pole,
you're on the slow boat to China. You'll end up
frustrated and more than likely throw in the towel
before you've even given yourself a chance.

You must haul out the net and start thinking like the
heavy hitters. Cast your net and gather as many new
sign ups as possible.

You're like the old miners panning for gold. You'll
sift through a lot of silt before you start hitting
those rare nuggets that are inspired enough to do
what it takes to succeed.

Once you find them, work with them as if your future
depended on it.

It does!

A good affiliate or first level downline member is
worth more them their weight in gold.

You future profits depend on them. Teach them how to
use their net and you'll both be rewarded.

If you truly want to succeed with affiliate programs
or MLM, put that fishing pole away and haul out the

You'll be glad you did.

Gone Fishing,
John Colanzi
Street Smart Marketing

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A Marketers Minefield - Why The Fraudsters Are Targeting You.Emily Robinson

They want your talent, your network and most of all, they want
your marketing capabilities. Fraud. It's the crime of the times,
so what does that have to do with you?

The United States continues to be plagued as the investment
fraud capital of the world. Savvy network marketers and
MLM'ers continue to be caught in the under currents of the
investment fraudsters wave. Have no doubt in your mind
these people are pros. They are charming, charismatic,
intelligent and very 'likeable'.... that is until you realize what
they have done to you.

Network marketers and MLM'ers are being targeted by these
Pros in order to market and sell their financially appealing
'opportunities'. Investment opportunities in FOREX trades, High
Yield Investments, Trading Programs, Promissory Notes and
Certificates of Deposit - all "secured" and guaranteed" at no
risk to the potential investor. They seek the more liberated
audiences, the risk takers, those on the free enterprise path,
those in search of financial independence.

They want you to get out there and spread the magic. So you do.
I mean after all, they were offering huge commission checks,
and you are not adverse to some free thinking and non-regulated
investment - the commissions alone would set you and your
family up for life. This is it, this is the one... the opportunity you
have been waiting for. You knew that if you kept on working hard,
the right opportunity would come your way. And here it is,
at last...

It is because you are so good at what you do that you have been
targeted to play in their game. They need someone who can
really sell, some worker bee's to go and generate more honey
for them. Everything looks in order, they have the flashy car, the
money and a $5,000 suit to match. They also say they have the
contacts in the financial world that everyone wants to know.

There are a multitude of ways they will drag you in, all
involve substantial financial reward for you... don't be tempted.
Check them out, see who they are, at the very least run a
background check on them... do they come from where they say
they come from? Follow up on those stories they told you, and
put together the inconguencies for yourself. Keep an open mind.

And most of all be prepared for their answers. They have
answers, for everything. They'll tell you that you are too
suspicious, 'do you know how lucky you are to be a part of this?
It's only open to a select few'. If you start to bang the drum too loudly, they'll kick you out of their set-up...You're too much

Being alert and listening to your instincts, those nagging doubts,
can save you immeasurable heartache down the road.
The reality is that these people will create a whirlwind, gather
the money and disappear. They leave you to face the FBI,
the civil suits, the angry investors who have lost their entire
savings. You even got your parents to invest their 401k, and
they lost it all... and you, well not only do you suffer the financial
devastation of being looped by the con, your reputation is mud
and the network you have cultivated over many years no longer
trusts you. You end up in the marketers graveyard.

Be alert, check them out and follow up... then confront them with
your findings. Most of all, listen and really "hear" the answer.
You are investing in yourself, and your future...
don't see what you want to see - see it as it is.

2002 The Virtual School of Investigators. All Rights Reserved. thevsi

Emily Robinson is a co-founder of The Virtual School Of Investigators - educating investigative professionals, marketers and consumers in the growing issues of fraud. Join their LIVE tele-class training "Extreme Profits?? How To Keep Your Investments Safe From Fraud" by visiting thevsi

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Christmas Island Special, Pink

Proven on Christmas Island bones and similar to the popular bonefish pattern the Gotcha, this fly is effective in flats situations all over when an irridescent pattern is desired.

Price: 2.00

Force Fin Original

Force Fins with our side-supported for stability and toes-free foot pocket that reduces cramping and leverages power from your strongest kicking muscles. Force Fins are our most versatile fin and kick equally well for a variety of watersports, subject to changes in size if you choose to wear Force Fins barefoot for one sport, with a Comfort Instep or bootie for other sports. Features: Force Fin's feature a toes-free foot pocket that reduces cramping and leverages power from your strongest kicking muscles, for a most efficient kick. Easy to pack. Small, effective blade is the perfect size for turbulent free and fast movement of water. Easy to maneuver. Independently moving wing tips that let you fine tune your position with small foot and leg movements. Reduces chance of your kicking delicate marine life. Snappy, upcurved, split-V shaped blade channels water fast and with optimum directional control. • Force Fin products are backed by a Force Fin Warranty • Free Shipping --> Facts Fin Blade: Polyurethane, stiffness 87/ rebound 78 Fin Colors: Jet Black Fin Bouyancy: Negative 10% They sink. Fin Sizes: Medium Large, Large, Extra Large, 2-X Large Fin Straps: Parachute webbing with ladder-lock buckle and Comfort Tubing Heel Protector Fin Strap Upgrade Option : Elastic Bungie Heel strap with Comfort Heel Pad and easy grip knob Fin Accessory Option: Comfort Instep for Perfect Fit and Ultimate comfort Manufacturers Warranty: 1 year Limited

Price: 144.99

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Livonia angler wins tournament

Thu, 04 Sep 2008 10:36:53 GMT
Boater Mark Dowd of Livonia won the Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League Michigan Division tournament on the Detroit River Saturday with a five-bass catch weighing 25 pounds.


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