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A fish ponds Artilce for Your Viewing
Fishing In Alaska Waters: A Dream Fishing Expedition For Anglers In The US!

Can one figure out any single angler obsessed with lures and fishing bait who doesn?t dream of fishing in Alaska some day? And what with stories about pulling out 400 pound halibut and 80 pound king salmon from the rich Alaska waters, most anglers are almost sure they have a better than average chance to catch what they are after?trout, salmon, bass and more, with their fishing bait (s). Alaska fishing expeditions are famous for salmon, halibut and rainbow trout. A dream destination for a beginner as well as an average angler, Alaska fishing sports have caught the fancy of many over the years with its fly fishing, salmon fishing, excellent fishing guides, equipment, boats, gear and vacation trip ideas for fishing in Alaska. What more, the state of Alaska offers a variety of fishing environments that include lakes, ponds, streams and rivers. These AK fishing waters are home to some giant-size halibuts and king salmons over 50 pounds running strong along the Alaska coasts which can make for an incredible fishing experience for any angler. And the most fascinating part of fishing in the Alaska waters is that one can fish amid some of the most incredible scenery on the whole of the continent.

However, it is necessary before you venture out with your fishing bait and your camping equipment that you do your homework. For each major region of the state of Alaska has optimum times when each type of fish is most abundant or available. Moreover, each region having different timing cycles than the others, an angler should specifically be aware of the time when it will provide him the best opportunity to catch the fish. For example, if you are out for some trout fishing in Alaska waters, you must know that pure cold water is the key to survival for the trouts. Rainbow trout, a favorite among a vast majority of trout fishing anglers, appeals to fly fishermen as it can usually be tempted to take properly presented flies as well as other fishing bait (s) and lures. In the Alaska waters, the rainbow trouts tend to remain in streams until reaching 6" to 9" in length. Afterwards, they travel to lakes or oceans where they bulk up and return to the streams or rivers to spawn. Again, if you are out to catch some brook trouts in Alaska waters, winter would be ideal as these trouts are found in clear cold waters which seldom exceed 68 degrees.

The Kenai River of the state of Alaska holding the World Record king salmon of 97.4 lbs with many fish in the 40 to 70 lb range, including red and silver salmon as well as trophy-sized trout, it is a dream fishing experience of a lifetime for an angler. If the lure of king salmon fishing for you is too hard to resist, be specific about locations that offer tidal waters. As a matter-of-fact, the extreme tides and ocean currents that you will find in Alaska's Waterfall Resort create ideal habitats for bait fish (fishes that are lured by the standard fishing bait [s]). This, in turn, will attract returning salmon and bottom fish in staggering numbers. While the Salmon is found running in flood coastal waters and the larger rivers, the Halibut species can be caught in most coastal areas in the AK waters, along with other ocean fish like pike, grayling, Dolly Varden, burbot, whitefish and others. In the summer months, there is plenty in the AK waters to keep an angler with fishing bait busy, as a huge variety of Salmon Dollies and trout keep playing in the rivers. The halibut and salmon offshore are in abundance in the summer months in Lower Cook Inlet, an extremely popular fishing destination for Alaskans and visitors alike.

However, if you are a beginner angler and not an out-and-out expert in fishing bait and lures, it is always advisable that you hire a professional guide for the ultimate fishing experience. Knowing the intricate world of fishery inside out, they will end up teaching you the best techniques for catching fish at various times of the year. In Alaska, you will find plenty of fishing fever charters specializing in day fishing as well as fishing guides specializing in specific Alaska lakes or in one or more species of fish. Before you set out as an angler in the AK waters, set your goals and hire a fishing guide to enhance your Alaska fishing expedition.


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Crappie Fishing Techniques

One of the most popular fish to go out and catch, or should I say attempt to catch, is the crappie. People from all over the country fish for these little beauties, mostly because they provide such great table fare. Of all the fish swimming is freshwater, crappie are in the running for the best tasting. Their light flaky meat is much like the flesh of a walleye, only a bit "sweeter". There are many techniques that can be used to catch crappie, but two of the most popular have to be live minnows and/or small jigs. I'll give a brief synopsis of both in this article to give you an overview.

Live Minnows - The most popular way to catch Crappie is probably through the use of live minnows. Most anglers use a size 4 or 6 hook, hook it through the minnows back, place this live minnow under a bobber and fish for Crappie. Although this technique works, there are better ways to present you live minnow to the fish. The easiest way is through the use of gang hooks. Gang hooks are simply 2 small hooks tied in tandem. So, in the case of Crappie, the angler should first tie a small barrel swivel onto their line. Then tie a #8 or #10 set of gang hooks onto the other end of the barrel swivel. Now, take a live minnow and hook it through the lips of the top hook (I always leave the second hook "floating free", but hooking the second hook into the minnows' back works as well). Now place your bobber onto you line and your good to go. Hooking the minnow through the lips does little or no damage, and the minnow lives for a very long time, which is good because live minnows can be a bit pricey. The longer you can keep your bait "alive", the better. The gang hook technique is very effective for catching crappie.

Small Jigs - Small jigs are also a very popular technique for catching Crappie. The twister tail that you place on the jig is the important part. There are no hard and fast rules as far as color is concerned, so experimentation is the key. One thing that I have found is that Berkley's "Power" version of twister tails work quite well. In some cases these "power tails" will even out fish live minnows. Again, as far as what color to use, experimentation is the key. Another very effective technique when it comes to jigging for Crappie is to tip your jig with a live minnow. Simply hook a minnow through the lips onto the hook of your jig, and your jip is "tipped".

The two techniques mentioned in this article are the most popular and most effective way to catch Crappie. Are there other ways to catch these delectable fish? Of course, but these two are the most effective. I recently saw a "crappie rig" in the local tackle shop, and thought I should mention it. It was a contraption with like 3 large hooks coming off of it, with a sort of wire that kept the three hooks from getting tangled. It looks somewhat like a "tree", for lack of a better way to describe it. I was flabbergasted by this thing, and quite frankly a bit scared. Please, I beg of you, never buy or use a contraption such the kind I'm attempting to describe. Remember what Steven Wright said of fishermen, "There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot." Using rigs like the "crappie rig" make us look like idiots!

Trevor Kugler is co-founder of JRWfishing and an avid angler. He has more than 20 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and 15 years of business and internet experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country?..Montana!

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Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Trip

The sea is the home to millions of fish species. There is no doubt to the richness of the ocean world when it comes to the variety of fishes that can be found therein. Deep sea fishing is definitely one of the activities which water enthusiasts and fish lovers will love to deal with. How much more if it has something to do with the Alabama deep sea fishing?

The seawater is the sole place where marine life thrives. And as you go for the Alabama deep sea fishing, you are likely to discover that biodiversity is such an interesting thing that must be appreciated and cared for. In one of your adventure trips, you may opt for the Alabama deep sea fishing trip and learn the types of fish species that you would like to lay your eyes on.

Alabama deep sea fishing is an activity which most people are getting heavily engaged into nowadays. You can invite your friends or your relatives to this one-of-a-kind fishing spree. If you go into some charter trips to Alabama, your question is what kind of fish will you be able to get your hands on. Honestly, the species of the fish that you may catch depends entirely on the seawater spot that you concentrate on.

Much more, the list of the fish that you can expect to catch ranges from the barracuda, Blackfin tuna, amberjack, king mackerel, cobia, blacktip shark, dolphin, tarpon, mangrove snapper, the little tunny, spotted sea trout, and the Pompano. There are a lot other varieties of fishes that you may surprisingly catch as you go on an Alabama deep sea fishing trip.

Most of the water enthusiasts who engage into the Alabama deep sea fishing adventure often catch the amberjack. This kind of fish appears to have a darkened stripe all over its body. The fish is very much edible and good to the taste. The amberjack thrives in a matter of sixty up to two hundred forty feet deep in the Alabama waters.

It may be caught through the deep sea fishing techniques such as the drifting, casting, trolling, or still fishing. All year round, the amberjack is present. Another favorite Alabama deep sea fishing catch is the barracuda.

The smaller version of these species is the ones which are advisable to be eaten. It is an ordinary occurrence for one to spot the barracuda that weighs fifteen in pounds. Its body is relatively small in appearance since it is by nature swift to move to a fast pace of sixty kph to the maximum.

Deep sea fishing is one of those things that you either like or not, for the one that loves to fish and enjoys the open sea, there is nothing quite like it in the world, one amazing location for deep sea fishing is the David writes articles about Alabama Deep Sea Fishing, learn more about deep sea fishing at deepseafishing.advice-tips, an info site for advice-tips


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