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Consider The French River For Your Next Fishing Vacation

If you're looking for beauty, silence, solitude, and some wonderful fishing, you need to consider the French River in northern Ontario. My family has been vacationing on the French River for the better part of fifty years. We're currently on our fourth generation, so it could be argued that were a bit biased. But setting all bias aside, the French River is remarkable in its ability to straighten a persons head out. Oh, and the fishing's not too bad either.

The French River is home to such delectable treats as walleye, catfish, and small and largemouth bass. The river is also home to northern pike and muskie, which always make for a good time. And for the kids the river boasts enough rock bass and perch to keep a five year old busy until their bored with catching them. For the adventurous angler there are even sturgeon present.
The French river is well known for it's fishing among the locals, but is largely unknown to people outside of Canada. There is good fishing from the spring through the fall, with the fall being my personal favorite. There are many camps along the river that have guides for hire, which is a great idea if you're going to the river for the first time. The river is full of barely noticeable rocks, which will ruin any trip if you run over one. Fixing a ruined lower unit on a boat is an expensive proposition.

The French is a wonderful river to canoe and camp along, and many people do just that. The river is full of isolated islands, so getting privacy is not a problem. In fact some of the lodges in the area cater exclusively to people using canoes. The area is very wild, so spotting such animals as deer, moose, foxes, and bear is a fairly common occurrence.

The bottom line is that if you like silence and solitude mixed with fish the French River is a destination worth looking into. Be careful though, because once you visit the French River, you may never want to go anywhere else to "get away from it all". That's precisely what has happened to me.

Trevor Kugler - Co-founder of and founder of
Trevor has more than 20 years of fishing experience, and raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country....Montana.

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Renzetti Traveler Cam Series Pedestal Model C2003

When your tying projects cannot be done at home, consider one of our Traveler Series Vises. They’ll fulfill the demands of the most fastidious tiers, wherever your travels take you. The standard Traveler will accommodate hooks from size 28 to 4/0. Pedestal base comes with pockets. Traveler Vises must be ordered for right or left handed tier.

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Fishpond Thunderstorm Gear Bag

Port in a storm. With its waterproof cover and molded bottom, the Thunderstorm Gear Bag is the most well thought out gear bag available. With features inspired by guides who spend countless hours on the water, the Thunderstorm incorporates design elements to make this bag perform day after day. Waterproof cover and molded bottom keep water away from reels and other valuable equipment. Features Waterproof nylon cover with taped seams and drawstring closure Padded sidewalls for gear protection Molded dry bottom Tough ballistic water resistant fabric with urethane coating Signature “zip-down” fly bench with replaceable high density rippled foam Hemo and plier pocket Ergonomic rubber handle 11 exterior cargo pockets 17 interior cargo pockets Tippet spool accessory cord Interior configuration can be customized with padded dividers Rod tube compression straps Color : Moss Green/Crimson Steel Blue/Moss Green Crimson/Steel Blue Volume : 1,892 cu. in. Dimensions 23” x 10” x 13.5” Fishpond is the fly-fishing industry's newest and most innovative accessory products company. We're small, but our products are already making more than a few ripples. By rethinking product design from the ground-up, we've created an impressive line up of fly-fishing storage products and accessories that look great, and outperform anything else available on the market. We started with a few simple ideas: design and create a tippet dispenser, develop an innovative cutting tool or clipper, and reshape the fly storage category with the creation of a series of soft-sided cases and chest packs. Our simple ideas turned into very complex design obstacles and challenged some of the best industrial designers in the country, yet we've succeeded with our vision and created a line of revolutionary accessory products that will stand the test of time. Fishpond is all about design and function . We are the first to bring a functional tippet dispenser to the market-one that stores, straightens, cuts and dispenses tippet material directly from most commercially manufactured freshwater tippet spools. Look for our saltwater version in the coming months. Tired of plastic and aluminum fly boxes? We've also created an entirely new product category with our molded nylon and soft-sided fly cases. With ease-of-use in mind, brightly colored jacquard webbing on the spine serves as a hand strap to securely hold the case while on the water. This gives our cases their signature style and unparalleled function. To keep us on the cutting edge, we're redefining the accessory segment with revolutionary products like our patented, ergonomically designed Titanium Clippers with optional integrated retractor that make competitive tools based on the traditional nail clipper obsolete. Our research has told us that fly-fishing enthusiasts want to lighten their load. In response to this trend, fishpond has created two new chest/fanny packs that can complement or replace the traditional fishing vest. Each product has our signature zip-down "fly bench" with a replaceable foam fly page that serves as a convenient fly changing station and work area. At fishpond, we're committed to staying on the leading edge of fly-fishing product design, and we're already hard at work on the next generation of new products to enhance our position as an emerging leader with our dealer-partners and customers. Fishpond is connected to the past and it's timeless traditions, but its focus is on making designs for the fly-fishing enthusiast that will endure the future. We're committed to our dealer-partners and consumers at every level, and want to earn your trust and support by offering quality service, delivery and creativity.

Price: 179.00

Korkers Torrent Shoe

Outdoor enthusiasts who want protective, high performance footwear. Offering the protection of a covered toe, athletic support features, and breathable quick drying uppers, the torrent can take you from casual applications to demanding river conditions. The Korkers Torrent combines the breathability and the lightweight comfort of a sandal with the support of an athletic shoe. With a closed toe and protective heel counter the Torrent is built for action. Sporting quick drying Dri-lex tm breathable air mesh, the torrent excels on trails and in water, and everywhere in between. Regardless of the activity, the torrent will keep your feet feeling cool and fresh all day, despite warm temperatures. • Korkers products are backed by a Korkers Warranty • Free Shipping • Trail Lug Sole Included Korkers Swift Sandal Aquastealth Sole (Add $29.99) Aquastealth high friction rubber is designed to excel in and out of water. The "spongy" rubber provides added durability for hiking compared with a traditional felt sole, and reduced water absorption, keeping them very light in weight. Perfect for scrambling trails, rock hopping, and wading in wet conditions. Boat Sole (Add $29.99) Non-Marking rubber out sole with weave razor-sipping for maximum traction on smooth boat deck surfaces. Comprised of soft, gum rubber with dual counterbalance system for ultimate stability and support. Felt Sole (Add $24.99) Compressed high quality felt designed for in a variety of wading conditions. Performs well in wet and slippery conditions and moderately well on extremely slimy rocks, wood, etc. Not recommended for hiking long distances. Golf Sole (Add $29.99) Designed for superior grip and flex in a variety of golf conditions. Dual density lugs provide exceptional surface to ground distribution for balance. Featuring replaceable, soft Tornado golf spikes. Studded Felt Sole (Add $29.99) Compressed high quality felt with embedded carbide spikes that protrude approximately 2 mm for use in extremely slippery water conditions. The combination of felt and short carbide studs provides traction on slippery rocks, shale, wood and slab granite. Studded Rubber (Add $29.99) Durable rubber sole with replaceable carbide tipped steel spikes measuring 7 mm in length from the rubber base of the sole. The long, carbide tipped cleats provide exceptional traction in the most demanding conditions. Ideal for fall and winter wading conditions, this sole provides extreme traction on mossy rocks, slimy boulders, slick logs, and ocean jetties. Trail Lug Sole (Included) A combination of broad rubber lugs and cleat inspired lugs for performance on trails and off-road, as well as casual use. Lugs are strategically placed to provide traction and self cleaning capability.

Price: 99.99

36-Inch Steel Cable Retractor

Description for 36-Inch Steel Cable Retractor is Coming Soon!

Price: 3.99

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