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How To Successfully Choose Bass Fishing Lures (Part 2 of 2)

We continue our journey through the most comman bass fishing lures.

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When To Use Plastic Worms

Most anglers' favorite lure is the plastic worm. But it's not a simple stalk of colored plastic that it used to be. Now you have straight worms, snake worms, plastic lizards, curly tail worms, j-tail worms, and worms with holes, dimples, air pockets molded in, bumps and nubs and flavorings.

Then you have the colors. Probably no other category of lure comes in as many colors as plastic worms. But if your just beginning to stock your tackle box, here's some simple advice. You'll need two basic styles: a straight worm for flipping and a worm with an action tail for more open water fishing.

The j-tail and snake worms provide tantalizing motion in the water and they give off vibrations that draw fishes' interest, but they also can catch on small sticks, weeds and twigs and foul up an angler's presentation when he's flipping. As far as colors go, stock worms in black, blue, grape, and motor oil. And perhaps a metal flake variety in electric blue or motor oil.

When To Use Jigs

They are great for flipping shallow cover or casting to deep structure. They are best fished when they are in close proximity to under water cover. There are two basic varieties:

The open-hooked plain jigs dressed with marabou or plastic grubs and the bass-style jigs with a snag guard and a rubber or rubber and hair skirt. These often are tipped with a plastic worm or pork rind trailer to add bouyancy and action. You can fish plastic worms and jigs in much the same way. You should keep the lure in close contact with the bottom as much as possible, twitching it in short hops.

The jig-n-pig is a top choice when the water is still cold in the spring. It is meant to imitate a crawfish, which is one of the bass' favorite foods. Many fishermen switch over to plastic worms when the water begins to warm around spawning season, but the jig-n-pig will produce fish all summer long for those who stick with it.

Toss either a plastic worm or jig-n-pig into a pocket in a weed bed, next to the shady side of a stump or leaning tree, under a boat dock, next to a submerged rock, along riprap and near boat ramps and points.

When To Use Topwater Baits

The topwater bait is broken down in two categories: slow moving and fast topwater lures. Examples of slow movers are Zara Spook, Rapala floating minnows, chuggers and poppers. Fast baits are Jitterbugs, buzzbaits, and various propeller lures.

Surface lures begin to draw interest just before the bass move onto the spawning beds and they'll continue to be hot until the water cools down in October or November. In the spring, try buzzbaits and the Zara Spook or Rapala near stumps or standing timber on shallow banks.

During the summer, work topwater lures early and late in the day, or when the clouds are heavy and the wind is calm. Bass will move a long way to hit a topwater under such conditions. In the fall, try a surface lure near points and cover in bays made by creeks that feed a lake or reservoir.

Buzzbaits work best when retrieved with a fairly quick pace. Allow them to bump the objects in the water just as you would with a spinnerbait. With a Spook or Rapala, however, a different approach is necessary.

Cast one out and let it set until all the ripples from the splash-down are gone. Then twitch the lure slightly. Often the strike will occur then, but repeat the stop and twitch throughout the retrieve.

Sometimes the strike will occur well away from the cover; sometimes it'll be right next to the boat. With a Zara Spook, each twitch should be made on a slack line. When you jerk the Spook, it'll dance right to left and stay within a small area for a long time. That give a bass plenty of time to get angry at the intruder. A strike under those conditions is a moment to remember!

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Midge, Parachute, Olive

The white post on this Olive Parachute Midge allows it to be seen even in riffled water. In the correct sizes and colors this fly also makes a great trico or baetis pattern when tiny mayflies are hatching.

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Umpqua Special

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The addition of a olive marabou tail makes this muddler an even more attractive sculpin imitation for the biggest fish in the river. A variety of colors also make this marabou fly pattern useful for different light and water conditions.

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Fly Fishing For Trout volume 2 - Understanding Trout Behavior - Lefty's Little Library of Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing For Trout volume 2 - Understanding Trout Behavior - Lefty's Little Library of Fly Fishing

Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide

Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide
In Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide, author Greg Thomas takes the reader on a trip around this beautiful state, detailing endless angling possibilites.

Looking for large rainbow and brown trout? Take Thomas' advice and head for the North Platte River where rainbows and browns to five pounds or more can be found. Prefer native cutthroat trout in pristine surroundings with no more company than a wayward elk or deer? The author will send you to places like the Middle Fork Powder River or the Greybull River or Yellowstone's backcountry gems, such as the Lewis River Channel, Trout Lake, and the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone. Desire to angle while drifting a river in a boat or raft? Thomas details excellent float trips along such undiscovered gems as the Newfork, Green and Encampment rivers. It's all here, the angling possibilities of a lifetime.

Also covered in this book are Wyoming hatches, fish species, productive flies, angling techniques, seasonal variations, and access sites.

Don't hesitate, let the 'Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide' help make your Yellowstone Park and Wyoming angling dreams come true.

Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing

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