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How To Successfully Choose Bass Fishing Lures (Part 1 of 2)

Careful bass fishermen, those who think about what they are doing and why, know that they can use the lures in their tackle boxes to work for them and that each one has an optimum range of service.

Each kind of lure has certain times and places in which it is most effective. Some lures work deep and some stay on the surface; some baits should be retrieved slowly and others should be burned along. So when the fish are deep, don't (in most cases) go with a surface lure. And when the bass are lethargic, don't make them chase a speeding bait.

Choose The Right Color

As each lure has a job to do, each color has a purpose, too. While some research indicates fish respond better to some colors than to others and that water clarity has a lot to do with what color lure might work best, it ia beyond the realm of most fishermen to obtain a device that indicates the best hues to use.

So stick with crawfish colored lures when working close to the bottom around rocks, stumps, and willows. Use a fish colored bait, such as one painted chrome or silver or gold or like a shad, when working around deep points or around schooling baitfish.

Try bright colors such as hot pink or chartreuse when the water is stained to the point that visibility is less than 18 inches. But chartreuse also works well in water that is fairly clear, and it is an excellent choice in spinnerbait skirts.
Some bass anglers prefer chartreuse spinnerbaits around weed beds (and many like black there), while others go with white shirted lures around wood structure.

When To Use Spinnerbaits

These are the most versatile of bass lures. They can be worked deep or shallow, slow or fast and in a number of motions. They are generally snagless, which makes them a top choice around weeds and submerged trees and willows. Use spinnerbaits generally this way:

Try the inline models only in fairly open water, although they can fished among rocks with only a slight chance of snagging. Stick with the safety pin spinnerbaits around trees, willows, weeds, of all varieties, boat docks, stumps, flats, and long tapering points.

A spinnerbait is one of the absolute best baits to use if the water is very dirty, especially in the summer and spring. The blades on the lures send out a lot of vibration as they rotate through the water and the action gives fish something to key on as they seek the disturbance in muddy water.

Try a big cupped Colorado style blade when you seek to make the most underwater noise. On the other hand, when vibration isn't too important but plenty of flash is, try a willow leaf blade. The most popular sizes of willow leaf blades are No.4 to No.8. Since you'll be fishing a spinnerbait mostly around heavy cover such as weeds and wood, be sure to knock the lure into the cover regularly. That is, bump a stump or tree trunk with the lure and then let it settle a foot or so.

Strikes from ambushing bass often will occur just after a spinnerbait hits a piece of wood then tumbles down. Too, you can slither the lure over snags that are out of the water and let the lure slip quietly into the water below the tangles to sneak up on lurking bass. Spinnerbaits and crankbaits are generally used to cover water quickly. Generally use a spinnerbait if the water is shallow and a crankbait if the water is deep.

When To Use Crankbaits

Crankbaits are especially productive on active bass that are willing to run down a meal. When the crankbaits are working to their potential, they are digging their big plastic bills into the sand, gravel or rocks on the bottom, deflecting themselves off objects and bouncing tantalizingly in front of hungry bass. They should be used when you want to quickly prospect for bass along an underwater hump or reef, down a steep or tapering point, along the sides of a road bed or around a launch ramp.

Some expert bass fishermen use crankbaits in heavy cover such as trees and stumps, but those are places where a beginner should take considerable care. Because they mostly are floaters, crankbaits will bob back to the surface if you stop retrieving them; but if a hook is stuck in a branch, the lure will be stuck and perhaps unretrievable.

Try a crankbait in heavy wood only after you've had lots of practice in walking one along a lake bottom so you can learn how the lure works. Many fishermen use three color patterns in crankbaits: chartreuse or firetiger, shad or chrome, and crawfish or reddish orange. These colors will mainly get the job done whenever a crankbait will do it.

Another selection of many anglers is the deep diving models over shallow runners because the big plastic bills on the deep diggers serve several purposes. They deflect off snags and they dig puffs and furrows as they nose down into the lake bottom. The result is an added attraction that might draw attention of a hungry bass.

(to be continued...)

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Midge, Xelon, Olive

This Olive Xelon Midge is among the best adult midge patterns available for selective trout. Fish seem to take it willingly in the early to middle stages of a hatch or when the hatch is somewhat sparse.

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Diver, Rabbit Strip, Chartreuse

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White-Tailed Deer

White-Tailed Deer

Montana Fly Fishing Guide East: East of the Continental Divide

Montana Fly Fishing Guide East: East of the Continental Divide

An irreplaceable reference that offers everything a fly fisher needs for the ultimate eastern Montana fishing experience; illustrated with great maps and hatch charts.

Lefty Kreh's Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing: Everything Anglers Need to Know by the World's Foremost Fly-Fishing Expert

Lefty Kreh's Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing: Everything Anglers Need to Know by the World's Foremost Fly-Fishing Expert

Fly fishing's greatest practitioner gives his greatest advice yet on the subtle art of fly fishing.

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