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We have tried to write all this about fishing bait without leaving any margin of doubt lying in you. If there is any margin, do remove it.

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Deep Sea Fishing Tips

Deep sea fishing is a wonderful and extremely enjoyable activity. Here are some tips that will make your salt water fishing adventure even better.

1. Watch the signs

If you see birds e.g. Seagulls that are feasting on small bait-type fishes, there are probably larger game-type fish below the surface of the water. Also, look for floating wood or debris. In most cases when you chance upon a large floating wood, you would find a large game fish in the area even encountering dolphin.

2. Stop, Snook and Listen

Fishing for snooks is quite similar as fishing for bass. Snooks like to be around ledges, posts and rocks.

3. Crabs for full moon

During full moons use soft crab imitations as bait. That's the time when crabs shed their shells and stripers come looking for them.

4. If you're looking for tunas, find the dolphins

Yellowfin tuna are usually found schooling with dolphins. So if you see a group of dolphins, chances are there are some tuna in the area.

5. Cut and Burn

If you have trouble cutting through a spiderwire braid, try using a lighter or a match.

6. Good Reef

The best place to fish is near reefs since big game fish feed on fish that live on reefs.

7. The Circle Hook

Use a circle hook if you would like a higher hook up ratio. These hooks guarantees more catch, because of the minute gap, and the reverse point. They are generally better for the fish since they do not hook in the gut just the lip.

8. Don't have sea legs

Watch the horizon and stay on deck. These would generally help you if you're having trouble with sea sickness: Stay away from the boat fumes, breathing it only exacerbates the problem.

9. Anchors away

When your anchor is stuck at the bottom, try attaching a float to it. Return after the tide has changed in direction. This should be enough to loosen the anchor.

10. Fish where the fish are

A lot of fisherman have the idea that they should be catching their live baits over the reefs before going to deep waters. If the live baits are not in the area you're planning to catch the larger games, then why would you come up with the idea that the large fish are there. Wouldn't they be in the area where the bait fish are?

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Bass Fishing Lures

What are the different types?
Bass fishing lures are probably the most highly purchased of all fishing lures today. Bass fishing ...

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Fishing for Yellowfin Tuna

Fishing for Yellowfin Tuna

Pocket Guide to Salt Water Fly Fishing

Pocket Guide to Salt Water Fly Fishing
Laser-printed on hard vinyl, this spiral-bound, fully illustrated, index-tabbed, pocket size guide is virtually indestructible. Lays flat, water and dirt can't hurt it while you access "what you really need to know, when you really need it!"

This title contains: Presentation, key strategies, line, leader, habitats, food, seasons, and fly patterns for: Tarpon; striped bass; bonefish; redfish; bluefish; spotted weakfish; and 15 other varieties. Covers baitfish; locations; weather; wind; tides and currents; fly lines and leaders; knots; and regional fisheries.


Father Bear Goes Fishing (New PM Story Books)

Father Bear Goes Fishing (New PM Story Books)

Carp Fishing on Valium

Carp Fishing on Valium
Graham Parker has released over 20 albums, including Squeezing Out Sparks, considered one of the great rock and roll albums of all time. Now, Graham stakes his claim in the literary world with Carp Fishing on Valium. Carp is the story of Brian Porker, an aging rock star, told in a series of episodes from his life: as a nature-loving lad who collects eggs; a high-living rock singer auditioning to replace the "newly deceased" Mick Jagger; and in his final guise as an ornithologist comedian. Witty, absurd, and keenly insightful, Carp Fishing on Valium has established Graham Parker on the literary scene in the same wickedly incisive way he turned rock on its ear.AUTHORBIO: Graham Parker, whose classic albums include Howlin' Wind, Heat Treatment, and Struck by Lightning, divides his time between the wilds of upstate New York and London.

Big Bass Zone: Learn Revolutionary New Tactics and Techniques, Ultimate Bass Fishing Library Special Edition

Big Bass Zone: Learn Revolutionary New Tactics and Techniques, Ultimate Bass Fishing Library Special Edition

Salt water fishing

Salt water fishing

Salmon to a Fly: Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon in the Open Ocean

Salmon to a Fly: Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon in the Open Ocean

Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide

Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide
In Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide, author Greg Thomas takes the reader on a trip around this beautiful state, detailing endless angling possibilites.

Looking for large rainbow and brown trout? Take Thomas' advice and head for the North Platte River where rainbows and browns to five pounds or more can be found. Prefer native cutthroat trout in pristine surroundings with no more company than a wayward elk or deer? The author will send you to places like the Middle Fork Powder River or the Greybull River or Yellowstone's backcountry gems, such as the Lewis River Channel, Trout Lake, and the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone. Desire to angle while drifting a river in a boat or raft? Thomas details excellent float trips along such undiscovered gems as the Newfork, Green and Encampment rivers. It's all here, the angling possibilities of a lifetime.

Also covered in this book are Wyoming hatches, fish species, productive flies, angling techniques, seasonal variations, and access sites.

Don't hesitate, let the 'Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide' help make your Yellowstone Park and Wyoming angling dreams come true.

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Providence Journal, RI - Mar 8, 2008
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