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Tips for Organizing All Your Fishing Stuff

Ever since the beginning of our relationship I knew my husband-to-be enjoyed fishing. However, only after we got married and moved to a duplex I found out he was a true fishing fanatic. He has so many fishing stuffs, much more than any ordinary man keen on fishing. He had special clothes divided in two suitcases and a box. There was one box containing towels and sheets, two other boxes were filled with kitchen supplies and utensils. We had a double garage and one side of it was filled with fishing stuff, while the other was occupied with his boat. Then I fully realized that my husband was a very serious fisherman.

Through the years we got a country home and then moved to the lake house we are currently occupying. Every time we moved the fishing stuff my husband had seemed to be multiplying. Since we live on a lake now there is fishing stuff all around us. Having so many items, we had to think of a system that would organize them and will enable my husband to find what he needed. Apart from that, it would mean I got the house cleaned of fishing stuff.

My husband has subscriptions for several magazines and catalogues offering a wide variety of hunting and fishing supplies. One day I had a glimpse of one magazine and found a fishing holder which would hold up to eight fishing rods. I immediately ordered two of them so that my husband's rods would be organized. Then I bought a closet with shelving on one side and a rod for hanging clothes on the other. The piece of furniture was made of sturdy plastic and would just fit in the corner of our garage.

After returning home with the new purchase I set up the closet. I placed my husband's fishing tackle on the shelves and hung his raingear, life jacket and other fishing and hunting clothing on the clothing rod. As soon as I got the rod holders delivered I placed all of his fishing rods and they found their place right next to the closet. I also put his filet knives at a box which I placed in the closet. The last thing I bought for the fishing stuff my husband has is a small refrigerator which stood on the other side of the closet. He can store his live bait and some beverages in it when being in the boat.

I am really happy that I managed to organize all the fishing stuff without much bother, and what is more important without having to pay too much. My husband has to buy a lock box for the boat electronics and everything will be organized. I also made a point when talking to my husband that his closet is full but he still keeps on reading the magazines and catalogues he gets monthly with anticipation.

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Salmon Fishing Gear

Getting ready for the big day? Are you so eager for the day?s catch? Who would, it?s the phase of the summer run and salmons are h...

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Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes

Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes

Gary LaFontaine needs no introduction. He was renowned worldwide for his innovative fly patterns, his books, and his enormous influence in the world of fly fishing and fly tying. In this classic work on fishing for trout in the high-altitude lakes of the West, LaFontaine turns his considerable talents to this highly specialized but also endlessly absorbing aspect of fly fishing.
In characteristic form, LaFontaine tackles his subject with zeal, packing in loads of equipment, including scuba gear, to do his research. The chapters alternate between stories about the sheer fun of fishing mountain lakes with hardcore, how-to fishing lessons.
LaFontaine uses his quirky wit and iconoclastic vision to peel back the mysteries of this fishery, including distribution of fish, primary food sources, and feeding patterns. Other chapters cover seasons, weather, fly patterns, and even how to use pack animals to reach your high-altitude destinations. Gary distills this research into a captivating amalgam of hard information and entertaining anecdote.
FLY FISHING THE MOUNTAIN LAKES will make you think and make you laugh. And you might catch a few more trout on your next mountain lake expedition.

Arizona Trout : A Fly Fishing Guide

Arizona Trout : A Fly Fishing Guide
Rex shares his more than 20 years of experience. You will learn: the most up-to-date information on which waters hold trout; when is the best time to fish each water; what species you will find; hatches; the best presentations to fish these sometimes tricky waters; special safety tips; useful maps; average flows; and much more. Arizona fly fishermen know what they have--streams that hold wild trout that can be fished for in shirt sleeves year round, So whether you are an Arizona resident or just there on business, get Arizona Trout--A Fly Fishing Guide so you know where to find the best trout fishing. 8 1/2 x 11, color insert.

Colorado Fishing Guide & Atlas

Colorado Fishing Guide & Atlas
Maps, directions,elevations, size, depth, regulations, species of fish, in a majority of Colorado lakes, reservoirs, streams and rivers. There is information on State Wildlife Areas, National Forest, State Parks, State Trust Lands, Metro Denver area, Nat'l Recreation Areas, Rocky Mountain National Park and the Front Range.

Fishing the New Jersey Coast

Fishing the New Jersey Coast
Identifies prime fishing locations for all seasons and species in the Garden State, plus what lures, baits and techniques to use.

Fishing: A Guide to Fresh and Salt-Water Fishing

Fishing: A Guide to Fresh and Salt-Water Fishing
This compact guide to both salt-and fresh-water fishing will help you to:Identify the principal sport fishes of North AmericaSelect baits and tackleHook and land a fishA basic guide for the novice and a handy reference for the experienced angler, it's packed with useful information and helpful tips on when, where, and how to fish most successfully.

Steelhead & Salmon Drift-Fishing Secrets

Steelhead & Salmon Drift-Fishing Secrets
This comprehensive book goes way beyond the basics of drift-fishing techniques to include marine biology, ichthyology, meteorology, and physics as they apply to fish and fishing. Kusherets covers; species identification and anatomy; gear; set-ups; reading water; different drifting styles and techniques; understanding fish; spotting fish; troubleshooting; using the Internet; filleting your catch; extensive glossary; and more. The unique, yet down-to-earth advice in this book will bring more fish to your line.

Murphy's Laws of Fishing

Murphy's Laws of Fishing

The only way fishing could be trickier would be if water could catch fire. When it’s been one of those days when the fish didn’t bite—except for the one that got away (it was BIG, too!)—anglers can open this book and find solace. Murphy’s Laws reassure fishermen that the problem doesn’t lie with them: fate has clearly intervened. Gathered on these pages are underlying precepts for why things go wrong with the rod and the reel, from the ancient rules of fishing to the tenets of technique. Ponder these thoughts: It takes an awful lot of tackle to lose a single fish; Luck is skill displayed by another angler; and Even the worst fisherman can land a pizza!

A Good Life Wasted: or Twenty Years as a Fishing Guide

A Good Life Wasted: or Twenty Years as a Fishing Guide

Told through the eyes of a longtime Montana fishing guide and itinerant fishing bum, A Good Life Wasted offers a unique perspective on an implausible period in the recent history of human civilization. When Dave Ames started guiding, Rocky Mountain locals rode horses and dug camas roots; now they’re trading stock options on cell phones. The collision of stone and computer ages was short-lived, but the deep-rooted themes of this book remain.

A Good Life Wasted--a chronicle and celebration of the fishing-guide life--is poignant and spiritual; it’s Blackfoot Indians and copper miners’ daughters; it’s fiddles and guitars and the fabric of space; it’s about what happens to wild people when the wilderness is gone.

From the first chapter--in which Dave Ames recalls bluffing his way into a job as a fishing guide to the rich and famous (after barely managing to suppress the overwhelming urge to go postal at the federal agency where he suffered his first, and only, “real” job in a cubicle farm)--we’re hooked. We gladly follow Ames as he describes the rite of tasting clouds of mating midges to better match the hatch, tells the story of a fabled Blackfoot fishing guide, and shares his further adventures as a guy with no job, no office, and no stress. A Good Life Wasted spins a fascinating, compelling web--a web that entices the deskbound salary slave to make a break for it, and head west to big sky and fast, cold water, ASAP.

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High school notebook: Holtville coaching search progresses
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